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Enviro Vat

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Spill Prevention & Fluid Recovery

Easy to operate , all-in-one systems, designed to vacuum and transfer petroleum, produced fluids, drill mud and H2S gas.

  • Reduce Spills
  • No 811 calls
  • Reduce Digging


vacuum/transfer scenario


Here's How It Works

  • moving vat icon1We Deliver an Enviro Vat™ System to your location.
  • you operate icon2We Set-up and get you started.
  • support icon3We Support your process with expert, 24/7 service and consultation.
  • money save icon4You Save


We are fluid containment specialists. Let us consult with your team to find the best solutions to manage your fluid containment process.


Drilling Frac Well Service Lease Maintenance
Recover Oil-based Mud Reduce Trucking Costs Replace Vac Trucks Empty Sumps and Cellars
Prevent Spills Empty Containment Mats Prevent Spills Eliminate Down-time
Reduce Trucking Costs Suck Up Spills Divert H2S away from location Suck Up Spills
Water Transfer Limit Truck Traffic Eliminate Down-time Reduce Trucking Costs


We Save You Money

prevent spillsPrevent spills, don’t pay to clean them up.
By containing fluids at the well or catching spills when they happen, you won’t be hiring environmental firms or dirt contractors.
wellheadThe EVAT™ wellhead vat replaces earth pits.
You don’t have to pay to dig, line and fence a pit. Also, you don’t pay to empty it, un-fence it, un-line it and cover it up. Talk to one of our representatives about renting the EVAT™ wellhead vat.
diggingNo need to call 811.
Time is money. Don’t lose production waiting days for lines to be marked.
save timeEliminate The Wait
Eliminate downtime by renting an Enviro Vat™ fluid containment unit instead of calling and waiting for a truck.
rental optionsBetter Rental Options
Daily and Monthly rental options are 90% cheaper than hourly truck rates.


How are we different?

Efficiency in our operations allows us to provide you the same solution for less!

1. We don’t pay truck drivers to sit on location all day.
Our easy to operate systems are controlled by your personnel on location.

2. We don’t have the expense of buying and maintaining tank trucks.
We deliver and service our equipment using pickups.
One service tech can care for multiple Enviro Vat™ fluid containment units.

3. We don’t pay a compliance expert or CDL drivers.
Our systems do not meet the requirements for DOT operations.
We do not transport hazardous materials.



Physical Address

8501 W. State Hwy. 158
Midland, TX 79707

Mailing Address

P.O. 8208
Midland, TX 79708


Phone: (432) 685-6086
Fax: (432) 704-5447
Email: evat@envirovat.com